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Wahaka -Joven Tobalá

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42% ALC. VOL. (84 PROOF)


Adventure is part of every Tobala’s story. Hidden within the mountain cliffs of Oaxaca's Sierra Madres, this agave reveals itself to only those determined to experience its exceptional taste. No wonder it’s the crown jewel of mezcal.

Agave type: Tobalá grown in the wild, harvested after 12 years

Soil/habitat: Yellow soil in the highlands with mountainous terrain

Region: Cultivated in San Dionisio Ocotepec, Oaxaca in the district of Tlacolula

Oven: Cooked for 3-5 days in an earthen pit using ocote (pine) wood

Mill: Crushed in tahona (circular millstone)

Fermentation: 10-12 days in pine vats with wild (natural) yeast

Distillation: Twice distilled in copper stills

Aging: None